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Friday, April 26, 2013

"Heart to Love with Fola" An Online Talk Show for Ladies


Hello ladies,
Am happy to inform you that my Online Talk Show for ladies “Heart to love with Fola” is starting today  Apr 26 at 9 pm EST.I will having with me   Coach Chizoma  Cluff from  Washington DC Metro Area, an Expert on Self Esteem /Confidence , Editor in Chief of Esteem yourself E- magazine. She will be sharing on  how to accept ourselves, how to show ourselves Self -Love, why  it  is necessary to show ourselves self love, how to protect our hearts from abusive relationships and much more. There will be opportunity for questions, and prayer time. It   will also be a great time of learning, fun, and even much more fellowship and refreshing time in the presence of The Holy Spirit. To join the show you will need to call in by dialing 6465649943 or by watching this link online:

Do tune in and invite other ladies that you know needs some Self -love.
See you there. Love you all. God bless
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Monday, April 15, 2013


Blessings Everyone,
I discovered over this past weekend that due to technical issues that have been plaguing Blog talk Radio with the use of Skype, they have had to remove Skype from their site, so guests and their hosts can no longer log in through Skype. With these uncontrollable changes I won’t be able to start the show “Heart to love with Fola” on April 20 as previously advertised with Pastor ChyChy Ayodele from Nigeria. The Premier show will now start on Apr 26 @ 9PM. My Guest will be Self Esteem Expert Coach Chizoma Cluff here in Maryland. She is going to share with us on accepting ourselves, loving ourselves, why we have to love and esteem ourselves, how to esteem ourselves, and the role of self- esteem in relationships, how to stop falling in love with the wrong guys and finally how to protect our heart as ladies from abusive men and or abusive relationships. It promises to be a great show as self -love is a free Gift that God expects us all to enjoy and walk in. Heart to Love with Fola is an enlightening, motivating, inspiring and empowering Ladies show to help us live a balanced life in our Spirit, Soul and Body.
To join the show you now have to call the Host on telephone number: 6465649943
To chat online with the host, you have to sign up with blogtalkradio.com.
Please do not attempt to connect with Skype to watch or participate in the show because Skype  is no longer compatible with Blog talk Radio . Thanks for your love, prayers and support.
Have a blessed week and see you all on the show. God bless.
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