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Friday, May 17, 2013


Today am continuing on the series on “Divine Calling.” This is a dear topic to my heart because until we find out and begin fulfilling our calling in life, everything else we do is irrelevant.

 Our   divine calling may sometimes be linked with our secular vocation, our skills, knowledge, abilities, gifts and talents .These are all what God uses in training us before we launch into our spiritual calling. Our secular jobs are the training grounds for our spiritual calling. It is therefore important to take our secular job seriously with diligence, commitment and faithfulness. Often times in The Bible God trains and uses people in their secular job before promoting them to their divine calling.  These are examples of some people in their other jobs before they were called by God; Such as Abraham was an idol worshipper before God called him out to be a worshipper of God, David and Moses were shepherding sheep before they became Shepherds to God’s Great people. Joseph was an expert in interpreting dreams before he got his promotion to the palace, from pit to prison then palace. Deborah was a prophetess, wife and a judge in Israel.

Other times  God also  uses people with flaws, so don’t think because you have some flaws then God cannot use you.That’s not true at all, some examples  of such are Noah, who  was a drunk but God still used him, Rahab was a harlot, Moses stammered,  Jacob was a trickster, Gideon came from the weakest tribe and he was the least in his family but God still called and used him as judge and  he defeated the Midianite, Simon Peter denied Jesus three times but he ended up being used by God with miracles ,signs and wonders . Apostle Paul  was formerly  Saul that  used to kill and persecute Christians. All these shows us that God can call and use anybody he desires to use regardless of their inadequacies in the flesh/physical. Once these men and women discovered their calling, they went about doing it.
The following are other features of the divine calling; it is unique for individuals, cannot be achievable without depending on God and His Grace. In our own strength and ability, we cannot get into our calling, we need God. God calls whosoever he wants, we are never qualified before he calls us, his calling qualifies us .He chooses whoever he wishes to choose. That’s why He is God and not man.  Attaining our calling is possible as long as one is coachable and teachable to God the Father, Son and The Holy Spirit and our spiritual mentors that He brings along our path. We need to be submitted to their leadership/mentorship and be accountable   to them. Calling demands from us faithful services to mentees, diligence to all the Spirit led appointments He brings along our ways, and faithful discharge of duties to all that God has assigned us to do in our walk with him, stewardship to other great men and women of God and others. It requires lots of personal discipline and integrity in our individual   lives and in our homes/job/business  and constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit so we can discern the moments, seasons and times of our lives as well as the people he will be bringing across our paths during these cycles; They are not a mistake ,co incident or accident meeting, they are part of the paths we have to faithfully cross with love, endurance and patience to help us in discovering and in fulfilling  our calling.

It is therefore necessary to get rid of the flesh in our love walk and inter personal relationship and dealings with people, so that we will not lose out on friendship with our God assigned helpers of destiny. It will require us moving out of our comfort zones and this may hurt our emotions and flesh from time to time. We just need to die to self and the flesh daily so that we can hear clearly from God and be able to enjoy the journey rather than enduring it. Creating an atmosphere of Worship and praise invites and invokes    the interruptions of the promptings of the Holy Spirit into our daily activities. God can also speak to us about our calling/assignment   during such moments. He leads guides and directs us on what to do next. 
Remember whatever we subject ourselves to eventually master us, so if we subject ourselves to being led by the Spirit,  the Holy Spirit become our master  and same way if , we subject ourselves to being led by our flesh , the devil becomes our master.
 Calling requires our obedience to God and every time we obey, God guarantees and commands increase to come into our lives. God always reward our obedient act with increase in our level of wisdom, finances and relationships. The same way disobedience is costly and it attracts loss and decrease. Therefore  it is always good to be quick to repent of the works of the flesh and to  not let our heart be hardened to the voice of the Spirit, if not one would not be able to receive spiritual instructions because our spiritual antennae’s have been clogged due to too much sins/works of the flesh.
Do you know your gifts and callings or are you finding it difficult to figure out?
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  1. Amen! Sis. Folakemi, thank you for sharing this post message. You have a wonderful weekend in the LORD! I will try to catch you blog show tonight, if the LORD will.

  2. Amen and Amen.Many blessings and hugs to you WOG Cynthia Robinson.Thanks for your kindness and support.Remain in Him!!!