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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Introducing my Guests on "Heart To Love with Fola "The Saturday Show and The Monday Show

Thursday love, blessing and hugs to you all Ladies and Gentlemen and a happy new month of October. This is introducing you to my Guests on ‘Heart to Love with Fola’: The Saturday Show for Ladies and The Monday Show for Couples.
On “Heart to Love with Fola”: The Saturday Show for Ladies; Meet Lady Emmy; Beauty Expert, TV Personality, Professional Model and Speaker
Ladies on Saturday Oct 5th at 5pm EST, I have the privilege to have on air with me a great woman of God;
Lady Emmy is a beauty expert, model, TV personality, and lifestyle expert as well as the CEO of Lady Emmy Enterprises.
Lady Emmy will be sharing health and beauty nuggets, time management, etiquettes /hygiene and how to organize our lives effectively as women; single, married, working mom or housewife.
Lady Emmy is an experienced beauty expert. She has reviewed, consulted, and done live TV beauty segments on various beauty products for years. Since 2005, Lady Emmy has been doing beauty segments on NBC and other networks.
Lady Emmy possesses an inner strength and a message that resonates with women. She has been traveling the country speaking to women on issues related to beauty as well as self-love and inner beauty. She is a highly intelligent woman with great poise. She combines these qualities with her beauty and compassion for others. She also empowers women on issues relating self-esteem and eradicating violence in women.
Lady Emmy founded a national non-profit organization for young girls and women by the name of LADY (Ladies for Advancement and Development of Youth). She is the CEO of Lady Emmy Enterprises, Inc., a multi-dimensional business entity. She recently launched Pretty Beautique, a global beauty website and company. She is also the Beauty Editor-At-Large of Pickie, a personalized iPad shopping magazine for fashion, beauty, and home.
Kindly visit and like her websites and social media pages.
Her website is:  www.LadyEmmy.com  
Her recently launched beauty website:  www.PrettyBeautique.com
 She is very active on social media:
    Twitter:  www.Twitter.com/TheLadyEmmy   Twitter handle:  @TheLadyEmmy
    Facebook:  www.Facebook.com/LadyEmmy
Tune in to listen to Lady Emmy by either calling 645649943 or click on the link below;
 On Monday Oct 7 at 9pm EST on “Heart to Love with Fola” The Monday Couple’s Show   I will be having Apostle Cynthia Agbuye and Elder Lorenzo Kornegay.
Elder Lorenzo Kornegay of Receiving Grace Ministry and Apostle Cynthia Agbuye of I am My Brother’s Keeper’s Ministry International. The purpose of this show is to bring anointed women and men of God to share on issues plaguing marriages and Christianity today and to help bring healing, restoration and deliverance to the Body of Christ. Every Monday night anointed brethren will share based on the Word of God and their experiences and by the Spirit of God. On this episode, Elder Lorenzo and Apostle Cynthia will be sharing on to treat each other as couples, practical ways of showing love to one another as couples, how to handle the issue of offences in the home . No matter what our situations or marriages are, God is interested in helping us live a whole life in our Spirit, Soul and Body first as individuals and then as couples. Someone has gone through what we may be going through and they have come out stronger and better, this show will show listeners how they can do the same.
Here’s a little info about Elder Lorenzo and Apostle Cynthia:
Elder Lorenzo Kornegay was born and raised in Newark New Jersey. After about 27 years he became an Elder at Receiving Grace ministry. He has been married to his wife Carla B. for 23 years and they met through a mutual friend got married and they have 4 children. They believe that God is the glue that keeps them together.
Apostle Cynthia .M. Agbuye has been in the ministry for over a decade. She's the visionary of “I AM MY BROTHER’S KEEPER” Ministries which is now in over 17 countries. She has 2 adult children and 9 grandchildren, has   been married twice and has had to go through divorce. She had a difficult time accepting the divorce since the word teaches against divorce.   With her   two marriages she is not angry or bitter but she has come to realize that   all in all walking in love and in truth is supreme and the best way to walk.
To listen to their Monday Show you can do so by either calling 6465649943 or click on the link below;
Enjoy a blessed Thursday and a beautiful Month of October.
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