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Monday, May 18, 2015


Let’s take a look at the definitions by a dictionary  of the key words of the heading of this post;

Freedictionary.com defines ‘Decision ‘in the following ways;

Decision (dĭ-sĭzh′ən) Noun

A conclusion or judgment reached after consideration.2. The act of reaching a conclusion or of passing of judgment on an issue under consideration.3. Firmness of character or action; determination. 4. Act of making up one’s mind


Pronounced as (ˈdɛstɪnɪ)

Noun, plural -nies

1. The future destined for a person or thing; fate; fortune; lot

2. The predetermined or inevitable course of events

3. (Philosophy) the ultimate power or agency that predetermines the course of events.

And Wealth is defined as;


Pronounced as  (wɛlθ)

1. A great quantity or store of money, property, or other riches.

2. Plentiful amount; abundance: a wealth of imagery.

3. Any or all things with monetary or exchange value.

4. Rich or valuable contents or produce: the wealth of the soil.

5. The state of being rich; prosperity; affluence.

6. Obs. happiness.

Decision is a very powerful thing and it actually determines our wealth and destination in life. I remember in 1999, I made a decision to leave my 6 figures job back then in Nigeria to pursue a career in Accountancy in London, United Kingdom .That single decision changed the course of my whole life completely. This is what happens when we make a decision and our decision making always involve choices. Sometimes it is the smallest decision that changes our lives forever.

The nuggets below are some of how our decisions can determine our destinies and ultimately decide our wealth.

1. Your decision to trust your inner voice to step out in faith and do those things that you want to do rather than disobeying and  procrastinating in fear.

2. Your decision to discover your calling, your passion and begin to operate in them, rather than trying to be somebody else.

3 .Your decision to give with a cheerful heart abundantly rather than grumbling and or giving grudgingly.

4. Your decision to recognize that timing is attached to every great accomplishment and waiting patiently for your breakthroughs rather than looking for easy way out by making compromises.

5. Your decision to be diligent at work rather than being slothful.

6. Your decision to walk in love with people, cultivate and nurture golden relationships with those you come in contact with in your business, life  and careers.

7. Your decision to trust those and be open to communicate and deal with people that don’t look like you or talk like you in your career and business.

8. Your decision to trust in your decision (good &bad) and your decision to be ready to bounce back when you make a wrong choice in your decision making. Often  times, in order  to make a good choice we  need to have  experience and  to have experience ,  you will sometimes  make mistakes  by making  wrong choices. For more empowering nuggets of wisdom, please visit;

I will also like to hear from you on how some of the decisions you have made affected your destiny and your wealth.

I have come across some business owners and organizations that complain about their employees’ lack of good work ethics, poor decision making skills and inability to set goals and accomplish their set goals on time. All that these employees need is proper training in those areas of skills they lack. My company provide coaching services that empowers employees in all of these areas; Connect with me and let’s talk if you are having any of these challenges with your team.
Enjoy a beautiful new week.







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