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Am a Certified Motivational Success Coach that empowers entrepreneurs with tools to break through barriers, succeed and achieve their goals.


1. Reading Nuggets For ladies brought me Closer to God and reading my Bible. Ms. Rochelle Maryland Retail Business Owner.
2. I became a Coffee Business Owner and Self-Employed right after reading   the nuggets from Nuggets For  Ladies Book  By Folakemi Ayodele.I took notes and trusted God for the Business. God is good. Ms Sonia New York based Business Owner.
3. My life has experienced a dramatic turnaround just by reading these inspiring nuggets. Thanks. Ms. Pelham Washington DC, Educator
4. I found it simple  easy to read and very inspiring .I finished it in less than an hour.Ms Dorothy MD   Registered Nurse
5. Simply Educative, Inspiring, Beautiful Cover and I am now  using it to Counsel my Group of Young Adults. Mrs Wura Olugbenga; Nigerian Life    Counselor
6. Excerpt from a Christian Certified Counselor in the State of Maryland Pastor Mrs Anekwe F;
I will like to rename the book’ Sign Posts for Living ‘because it contains Golden Nuggets that can  Empower Young Adult Ladies  that grew up in dysfunctional settings  to fulfill their purposes in life despite their upbringing.

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