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Thursday, February 9, 2012


Nuggets for Ladies is an inspirational,motivational ,book designed for ladies 18-40 who can answer YES to the following questions:
Do you feel trapped and can't seem to achieve your dreams and goals?
Do you want to succeed despite all the setbacks you've experienced?
Do you feel like you can't really get anything good out of life because of past hurts and disappointments?
Do you feel like you are not on top of things?
Do you seek change from your present situations?
Are you dissatisfied with life?
Are you at your wits ends?
Do you think you are a failure?
Are you tired of being in the same position for too long?
Nuggets for ladies provides a series of practical principles based on faith .Properly followed,these principles will help you cure whatever is wrong with your life.
This book is available as E-book, and Paper Pack Copies @Folakemi Ayodele
Also on Kindle FolakemiAyodele
And Barnes and Noble Folakemi Ayodele

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