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Sunday, February 17, 2013


Invitation for questions/ participants for a new motivational, inspiring and restoring Online Talk Show “Heart to Love with Fola”.
I am happy to inform you all my online family on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that am working on starting an Online Talk Show “Heart 2 Love with Fola”.
This show is for ladies that have questions related to the following issues:
1. Single mums struggling to raise their children
2. Older Singles trusting God for a Husband.
3. Ladies struggle with issues relating to family and challenging relationships.
4. Ladies that feel trapped and cannot seem to achieve their goals.
5. Ladies that feel that they don’t have what it takes   to succeed after all the hurdles life has been throwing at them.
5 .Ladies that are struggling and have being in the same position for too long.
6. Any lady that is at her wits end.
7. Ladies that feel life has let them down.
8. Ladies that have tried to do all they know to do and wants to do things differently.
9. Ladies that want to succeed despite all the setbacks they have experienced or are experiencing in life.
If you or ladies you know have questions relating to points listed on 1-9 that you would like to get answers to on the show, please contact me through the following: either by
Emailing with your questions, or sending me an inquiry via my website, or sending me a Facebook message or Twitter messages .Please state if you would like your questions to be answered anonymously, let me know if you would love to participate on the show, and also specify in your message if you would like to receive prayers on the talk show or referrals for medical and or spiritual counseling.
I have a team of anointed ministers and professionals that are ready to help women get the restoration, healing and freedom to be who God has created them to be  plus  the Divine  Help of my Mentor/Helper and  Coach: The Holy Spirit , we will all be truly  blessed by the Talk Show inn Jesus name.Amen.
Website: http://folakemiayodele.com/
Facebook: Folakemi Ayodele
Twitter: Folakemi Ayodele
Linkedln: Folakemi Ayodele.
Enjoy a blessed and powerful week. Shalom


  1. Great message in your video Fola "the only person who is happy with our struggling is the devil."

  2. Thanks Trudy for listening to the video and for the comment.Enjoy a great Thursday and all the best for the week.God bless