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Monday, September 16, 2013

Tune in Every Monday Night 9 pmEST : Heart To Love With Fola';The Monday Couples Show

To God be The Glory Heart to love with Fola Radio Talks Show panel For Couple will be starting on Sept 16 at 9 pm EST and then continues every Monday night. Every Monday night an anointed woman and man of God will be sharing on topics relating to marriages, relationships, families and homes. I am not an expert on the subject of marriage but God the Holy Spirit has really helped me in choosing anointed couples men and those that are in ministry .These group of people will make a panel of a couple every Monday night and they will be interviewed on issues that are daily plaguing marriages, homes and relationships. They will share based on their experiences and from wisdom nuggets from God’s Words. These by God’s Grace will help us all to have better relationships, marriages and better homes. Also the nuggets will equip us to be better spouses, aunties, uncles, nieces, nephews, sisters, brothers, parents, dads, mums and grandparents .
No matter what our situations or marriages are, God is interested in helping us live a whole life in our Spirit, Soul and Body first as individuals and then as couples. Someone has gone through whatever we may be going through or have gone through and they have come out stronger and better.This show will also help anyone struggling in any area of their marriages, help others that are aspiring to have good relationships/ successful marriages and it will encourage and strengthen those that already have good and successful marriages.
Also i want to say a big thanks to everyone that contributed and shared on the marriage forum questions that I did several months ago. I appreciate you all. In order to address majority of the topics, comments , concerns raised on this forum and to reach out to our male audiences and to answer their requests to start a show that includes men hence the birth of ‘The Monday Couple Show’. If you have prayer requests kindly inbox me before the day of the show or if you have a question relating to the topic that you would like to be answered on the show also, send me the questions by inbox days before the show.
And lastly I pray that we all will be blessed by the wisdom and the anointing of these great men and women of God and our marriages will be heaven on earth..
So please help spread the good news and join us on Monday nights at 9pm EST. May God bless our individual Spirit, Soul and Bodies , heal, restore and enrich our relationships with one another, our homes and our marriages in Jesus name. Amen .God bless you all.
Big thanks to our sponsors; Disciples of Faith Christian Life Center, Maryland and De Ranch Restaurant and Carry out Maryland. May God bless our partnerships, businesses and ministries in Jesus name. Amen.
Tomorrow Sept 16 at 9pm EST on “Heart to Love with Fola” Pastors Roger McCarthy of International Christian Singles from Surprise, Arizona & Beverly Gray Co Pastor of The Disciples of Faith Christian Life Center (DOF), Maryland will be sharing on marriage ministry, dealing with offenses, handling forgiveness and showing love in marriages.
To tune in to the show you can do so by either calling 6465649943 or click on the link below;
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Enjoy your evening and a blessed new wee

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